Message Center

Candidates and employers communicate with each other through the mailboxes at the Message Center, located in the Gateway Center. Candidates and employers are assigned Southern Placement Exchange box numbers, which correspond to the mailboxes in the Message Center. Candidates and employers should deliver mail to the Message Center and SPE personnel will sort it into the appropriate box.

Candidates will pick up their own mail from the Candidate Resource Room.  Do not hesitate to ask Message Center personnel for assistance.  They are there to help you!

Be sure to use your name and mailbox number on all correspondence.  Address your mail carefully.  Improperly addressed mail can cause needless delays and anxiety.

When addressing a message to an employer, make sure that you use the employer mailbox number.  While employers may occupy multiple tables, they have only one mailbox number.  Check the listings for the correct mailbox number.

Please note: Interview tables do not correspond to the Message Center Mailboxes. Prior to departing the Placement Exchange, candidates and employers should ask the Message Center staff to close out your mailbox. This will help candidates and employers know that any further correspondence or information should be sent to you directly.

Message Forms
Message forms are provided for candidates and employers and are available in various locations throughout the Gateway Center.  These forms will also be available on the Southern Placement Exchange web page for you to customize, print, copy and bring with you to the placement exchange, if desired.

Candidate-to-employer message forms: requests an interview or indicates candidate is unable to interview at the proposed time.  [ Download PDF ] [ Download Word ]

Employer-to-candidate message forms: indicates employer is/is not interested in pursuing candidate’s application or may be used for other messages.  This form is used to schedule interviews.  Download PDF ] [ Download Word ]

Be sure to include your name and mailbox number as well as the recipient’s name and mailbox number on all correspondence.  Messages without mailbox numbers will not be delivered.