Each employer and candidate with a completed registration will have access to the Southern Placement Exchange listings prior to, and updates during the placement exchange. A complete registration includes:

  1. Online registration
  2. Full payment
  3. Position or candidate listing

All completed registrations will be confirmed by e-mail and information can then be updated online.

All listings are available for viewing for candidates and employers that have paid.  You must login to the website to view any information.  Listings will not be mailed to employers and candidates. Employer/Candidate #’s and Position Listing #’s will be automatically assigned when they are posted on the website. Alphabetical and numerical lists will also be posted in the Interview and Message Center areas.

A secure web site has been developed for this process.  A password will be chosen by each individual candidate and employer upon registration. Employer and candidate listings will be available shortly after your completed registration has been received.  The listings will be updated daily on-line as the information is all live after a candidate or employer registers and payment confirmation is received.  Updated and additional listings will be available through the Placement Exchange in various locations, including the Message Center and Resource Center.

You are encouraged to print listings and bring them with you if you think you will need a hard copy. We will have a limited number of these printed copies on-site.

Some employers will only be collecting resumes and therefore will have access to the website.  If an employer is only collecting resumes they will not be able to set-up interviews on-site at SPE.