Please carefully review the options for Employers at the Southern Placement Exchange. 
Interviews will be conducted in the Gateway Center .

Extra interview locations and position listings are also available as options. The assignment of interviewing locations in the ballroom will be completed on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be made through the Southern Placement Exchange.

NOTE: Packages do not include hotel fees.

Registration package options:
Option 1 – $240 until January 12, 2018; $290 beginning January 13, 2018
Option 2 – $100 until January 12, 2018; $150 beginning January 13, 2018
Additional Interview Location – $100
Additional Position Posting – $25
Additional Recruiter – $20
Saturday Evening Closing Social Sponsorship – $200

Option 1 includes: full conference registration, one position listing, a complete listing of all candidates (including additions), message and mailbox access, one interview location.

Option 2 includes: collecting resumes only, one position posting, and access to the complete list of all candidates (including additions).

Additional interview location indicates:  additional table.

Additional posting indicates:  multiple postings that can be interviewed at one interview location.  You do not have to arrange a different interview location for additional postings.

Additional recruiter includes:  additional interviewing staff from an institution beyond the three included with option 1.

IMPORTANT: Employers may substitute individuals prior to the conference provided the initial registrant is not at the conference. All school representatives must be registered to remain at the conference whether interviewing or not.

Saturday evening closing social sponsorship: the closing social is open to everyone.  This reception is made possible by employers sponsoring the social.  Institutions who sponsor the social will be recognized in the newsletter, on the website, and at the event for help in sustaining the Southern Placement Exchange.