How To Get Started

Pre-Placement Exchange Steps (what to do BEFORE you arrive)

  • Upload a current copy of your resume online through the SPE website.
  • Review job postings that have been uploaded by Employers (institutions).
  • If you are interested in one of those positions AND meet the minimum criteria send an email, including your candidate box #, to that employer. Ask to pre-schedule an interview.

Notes – There is a special feature in the Candidate portion of the website for you to maintain your individual schedule.  This will NOT be viewable to employers and is only for your personal reference.

On-Site Scheduling Steps

  • After checking the Employer Listings, use a “Candidate to Employer” message form to communicate your interest in interviewing with a particular employer.
  • Be sure to write your mailbox number and the employer’s mailbox number on the form and indicate the position in which you are interested.
  • You should attach your resume and cover letter to the form.  Please use staples for attaching; do not use paper clips.
  • Deliver the form to the employer area in the Message Center.

Scheduling Center Tips:

  • Memorize your mailbox number.  You will need to have this number on all your correspondence with employers.
  • It’s anticipated that Friday morning will be our busiest time so expect to wait in line. Please allow yourself enough time to schedule your interviews.  Better yet would be to schedule them online.
  • If you cancel an interview, please put a note in the employer’s box before your scheduled interview time , we think a few hours before is best, so that they do not continue to expect you to be waiting for them.
  • You must have the “Employer to Candidate” message form or an employer letter in order to schedule an interview.
  • Employers will contact you by means of an “Employer to Candidate” message form indicating they would like to interview you.  Take this form to the Scheduling Center to set-up an interview.
  • When the Scheduling Center schedules an interview, the date, time and waiting area of your interview will be confirmed with you.  (Placement Exchange tip: Please keep all scheduling forms in case you want to reschedule an interview.)
  • You are highly encouraged to bring a calendar OR use our online resource to maintain your interview schedule as the Scheduling Center does not keep individual candidate schedules.
  • Interviews will be conducted in the Gateway Center Ballroom.  The waiting area for ALL interviews, regardless of location, will be outside the ballroom.  Please wait in this location until you are called for your interview. Do not go directly to a table or suite for the interview.